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3. Preparation Phase - During this phase, a designated pre sales consultant studies and understands just what our customer wants. The pre sales consultant becomes intricately familiar with the business and related success factors of our customer. The resultant report includes a business analysis as well as assumed facts and associated risks. This is delivered to the customer with a proposal outlining a customized service offering. The Service Level Agreement is also delivered during this phase for the customer's perusal.

4. Intelligence Phase - This phase involves our building a repository of knowledge specific to the customer application and the environment in which it runs. Resolutions and escalation mechanisms are defined along with task level details. These definitions allow the deputed team to become intimately aware of the dos, don'ts and must dos of the maintenance schedule. Once completed, a team is deputed for the customer and started on the task. During this period, a business continuity program is designed for the application in question. Finally, all our efforts are approved by the customer and signed off. This signals the beginning of the project.

5. Operations Phase - During this phase, LOGIC manages the customer application as per specifications defined in the previous phases, the maintenance schedule and the service level agreement. Knowledge transfer takes place between onsite and offshore team. All project metrics are duly recorded and cross-linked to other service level entities. Each application entity has its status regularly monitored, updated and recorded. Any exceptions to the patterns defined are reported and due action taken. Entity cycle patterns are noted and these are studied to suggest improvements in the maintenance cycle.

6. Steady State - All procedures are in place and customer application is functioning normally. Work is delivered according to the schedule.


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