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Our eScan Corporate for Windows ensures:

  • rapid response to the newest threats
  • highest virus and spyware detection rates
  • accurate and thorough antivirus scanning
  • easy installation and configuration

This customizable security suite is expressly designed to protect enterprise information systems from disruption by existing and potential cyber threats; versatile configuration options ensure data integrity in even the most complex network environments. A flexible licensing policy enables developing a security package tailored to specific enterprise requirements.

Principal of eScan Corporate for Windows

1.MWL Technology

Our MWL (MicroWorld Winsock Layer) technology, addresses threats from a new
Perspective. When you connect to the Internet, you do so through the Windows Socket(Winsock) layer. It acts as an interface between your computer application and the Internet. Itdoes its work very efficiently and you can surf the net, download programs, etc. But it never distinguishes between a virus infected file and a clean one. It never stops unwanted mails or your confidential data from entering or leaving your organization. The MWL layer sits on the Winsock layer. It checks and analysis all traffic between your system and the Internet. All e-mails, attachments, downloads, uploads, etc., mandatorily pass through MWL before they enter or leave your system thus providing you a secure blanket. You now have a secure MWL net through which all traffic must pass. Our applications, which are based on this technology, have built in features that scan the traffic for viruses,
Trojans, Worms etc, detect and remove them. Now comes the tricky part of providing content security.

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