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2. Two-tier protection
Effective protection for servers is the key to a complete information security solution for corporate networks. This product provides two-tier data protection: an anti-virus monitor which scans all accessed, newly created and modified files in real-time, and an anti-virus scanner which scans data storage locations. The scanner can be launched either on demand or automatically according to a defined schedule.

  • eScan Management Console offers centralized administration and management
  • eScan Updater ensures smooth, error-free downloading of database updates

3. Centralized administration
eScan Management Console offers centralised management and control over all network events. Administrator can use this tool to configure the parameters of antivirus scanning for individual computers, create groups of workstations based on selected criteria, define security policies for these groups, configure parameters, generate reports, install license keys, update antivirus databases, etc.

4. Realtime Protection from all malware
eScan Corporate for Windows protects systems not only from known viruses and malicious programs, but also from potentially hostile programs, such as adware, spyware, pornware, spyware, porn dialers, key loggers, Trojans etc.

5.  Realtime Antivirus protection
eScan Corporate for Windows scans all files for viruses as they are executed, created or modified. The program also performs antivirus scans of data on local and network drives on demand or on schedule.


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