Antivirus - eScan Features ( Page 5 )

6. Protection from network attacks.
(NetBIOS Firewall) For security reasons, remote users from other machines should not be allowed to modify or create certain files. Some types of viruses create virus carrier files that are uploaded into the network. You can selectively allow or bar specific file types from being created or modified. You can specify file types that remote users are allowed/not allowed to create and modify. When a computer lacks a firewall, this component can act as base-level protection for the system.

7. Real time e-mail scanning and Spam killer.
eScan has unique features that perform Real-Time MWL scanning. Some tasks it performs are: scan incoming POP3 e-mail and outgoing SMTP e-mail, attachment scanning as they are run, automatic deletion of worms, scan BAT/Graphic/Plain text attachments and BIN-HEX files, scan GZIP/Stuffit and other archive attachments, pdf/executable and screen saver files, etc...

8.Interception of script viruses.
ScriptChecker, a universal script virus interceptor, scans all executable scripts before they are executed.

9. Hourly Antivirus data base Updates.
Updates are vaccines created by MicroWorld to remove new virus that have appeared or may have infected your system. These are stored in our dedicated download mirror sites. Typically the updates are up to 10 KB in size, so downloads are fast.


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