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10. WebScan and Parental Control.
eScan Content administrator feature of eScan, allows you to monitor and administer Internet traffic flowing into or out of your system. You can set security policies to: check e-mail traffic for specific words or phrases like xxx, naked, etc.; prohibit or allow: exchange of specific attachment types, enable their auto compression, send warning messages to sender, receiver or others when the security policies are violated. A very important feature is block and allows access to specific sites or pages with restricted words.

11. Web Washer/Privacy Protection.
Privacy is important to an individual. You may often visit sites that you do not wish others to know about. These may be job sites; on-line shopping sites, where you have shopped with your credit card, matrimonial sites, etc. As you surf the net, download files, open and close local files, the actions are stored in your hard drives. Manually deleting files, emptying the Internet cache, or deleting files, etc. is not very effective as there are tools that recover the deleted files.

12. Popup Filter (Ad Blocker).
A Popup is an Ad or unsolicited information that appears on the accessed page and then in a separate Popup window when you request for more information or inadvertently click on them. Popup are exasperating and may not be relevant to your work. Besides consuming bandwidth, you waste browsing time in chasing and closing them. They offer a cheap way for companies to advertise their products

13. New "MWAV (MicroWorld Antivirus) Utility".
MWAV is a Powerful anti-virus utility. With some new intelligent features added, it's all set to give you the best ever performance. It has now been enabled to detect Spyware and Adwares. The new MWAV also has the power for detection and disinfection of registry entries of Viruses, Spywares, Adwares and other malice, so that the system performance and stability can be improved drastically.

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