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14. Remote Web Administration.
With eScanRAD you can access the Management Console via another computer through a browser and perform management tasks. It also helps in remote technical support for the software. Operations like installation, uninstallation and updating can be conveniently managed through this feature, irrespective where the administrator is located.

15. TCP Connections.
It is an inbuilt Network Monitoring Tool that examines TCP/IP activity on Windows computers. This feature gives you information on all TCP and UDP endpoints on your PC, including the remote address with domain names and the state of TCP connections.

16. Multilanguage Support.
eScan is available in multiple languages. You can choose the language while installing the software. The languages available are English, German, Finnish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Chinese and Latin Spanish.

17. Comprehensive Activity Log.
eScan maintains a comprehensive activity log of all events on a client. The logs include Security Violation Event, IP address of the machine, the event date and time, action taken, etc. The activity log is pushed by eScan Clients to the eScan Server at pre-defined intervals. It allows administrators to track down offending sources of violations.

18. Optimized performance.
List of trusted applications / processes. By creating a list of trusted processes, the administrator can exclude some processes from antivirus scanning, thereby reducing system load and significantly increasing operating speed.


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